Other Categories


Rotary Drill with keyed chuck
10mm, 701W, 0-2500 rpm. 220V
Mixer and Rotary Drill 13mm
710W, 0-550rpm, 220V
Magnetic Drill Press 50mm
1200W, 3800N, 350/450rpm, 110V
Percussion Drill, 13mm
650W, 2800rpm, 220V
Percussion Drill with kitbox, 13mm
770W, 1100/2700rpm, 220V
Dry Diamond Drill with 16mm keyed chuck
2 Speed, 1300W, 1250/3500rpm, 220V
SDS Plus Comb. Hammer, 22mm
3 Mode + C & A, 650W, 4550bpm, TE1, 220V
H.D SDS Plus Comb. Hammer with QCC, 26mm
800W, 4300bpm, VSR, TE2M, 220V
H.D SDS Plus Comb. Hammer, 32mm (4kg)
1000W, 4700bpm, TE30, 220V
SDS Max Dedicated Chipping Hammer, 5kg
1150W, 2740bpm TE500, 220V
SDS Max Comb. Hammer with AVC, 45mm, 6kg
1250W, 1430-2840 bpm, 220V
SDS Max Dedicated Demolition Hammer, 7kg
1400W, 1260-2520bpm TE700, 220V
SDS Max Demolition Hammer with AVC, 10kg
1500W, 1020-2040bpm TE1000, 220V
Hex Demolition Breaker with AVC
28mm/16kg (1600W, 1450bpm, TE1500, 220V).jpg
2 Speed Magnetic Drill Press
50mm/30kg (2100W, 900bpm TE3000, 220V).jpg
Angle Grinder
800W, 12000rpm, Paddle Switch, 220V,730W, 11000rpm, Toggle Switch , 220V
Angle Grinder
180mm (2200W, 8500rpm, 220V),230mm (2200W, 6500rpm, 220V)
Small Angle Grinder
900W, 11800rpm, Slide Switch, 220V
Die Grinder
(40mm )450W, 2500rpm, 4.2 Amp, 6mm collet, 220V
Abrasive Chop Saw
355mm, 2300W, 3800rpm, 220V
High Performance Chopsaw
355mm, 2200W, 220V
XR Li-Ion Compact Drill Driver
12V, 400/1500rpm, 220V w/Multi Tool FOC
XR Li-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver
14.4V, 310W, 2Ah, 550/2000rpm, 220V
XR Li-Ion Compact Hammer Drill Driver
18V, 1.3Ah, 13mm, 2 Speed, 220V
XR Lithium Ion Brushless Impact Driver
18V, 4Ah, 2850/1900/950rpm, 3 Speed, 220V
XR Li-Ion Jigsaw
18V, 4Ah, 400W, 3000spm, 220V
XR Li-Ion H.D SDS Plus Cordless Hammer
3 Modes, 4Ah, 1200rpm, 220V
H.D Wet Diamond Drilling Motor
For Concrete, 3-Speed, 2500W, 500/1200/2000rpm, 220V
Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS
305mm, 1675W, 1900-3800rpm, 220V
High Performance Jigsaw
500W, 660-3200rpm, 220V
H.D Top Handle Jigsaw
701W, 3100rpm, 220V
Reciprocating Saw
701W, 2400spm, 220V
DOC Compact Circle Saw
235MM,184mm, 1350W, 5500rpm, 220V
Circular Saw
235mm (1750W, 4700rpm, 220V)
1/4 Sheet Orbital Palm Sander
230W, 14000 Orbits per minute, 220V,230W, 28000 Orbits per minute, 220V
Variable Speed Plunger Router
12mm, 2000W, 8000-20000rpm, 220V
5 Planner
1.5mm (550W, 17000rpm, 220V)
Versaclutch Screwdriver
540W, 2500 rpm, 220V
Heavy Duty Corded Blower
800W, Variable Speed, 220V
H.D Impact Wrench
1/2in, 710W, 2200rpm, 220V
Self Levelling 4 Beam Laser Pointer
100ft Range
Horizontal and Vertical Rotary Laser Kit
30m Indoor Range, 300m Max. Range with Receiver
Heat Gun
230W, 14000rpm, 50-600 deg C, 220V
H.D Lightweight Table Saw
1700W, 3800rpm, 220V
H.D Site Saw
315mm (2100W, 2800rpm, 220V)
NiCd battery
14.4V, 2.0Ah
Li-Ion Battery Accessory Pack
18V 4.0Ah XR
Li-ion Charger